2020 Best Boat Fails of the Year Part 2 | Going down with the ship!

This week we are showcasing the 1st of 2 videos featuring our favorite fails of the year. I recruited my wife to watch every video from this year and write down her favorites, then had my daughter and son do the same. Then used a formula that favored clips from the videos with the highest viewership and likes. There were so many good ones, but we finally whittled it down to the best boat fails of 2020!

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Let us know in the comments which one you think deserves the honor of “Boat Fail of the Year!

00:00 When your girl says the beers are cold! @keenanderry
00:13 Sea ya! @jc.aviles89
00:27 That first step’s a doozie! @party813will
00:42 In the face!
00:46 Spin cycle!
01:00 Slow motion fail! @brianfranks
01:39 Don’t let this guy carry the beer! @josh husband
01:52 Heck of a first time driving a boat @f350lowandslow
02:51 Chum doo-ty!
03:12 Basic boat ramp fail @clairesigrist
04:00 Hope it doesn’t catch on those light poles!
04:15 The ghetto boat! @dan dale
04:25 Crushed it!
04:33 Going down with the ship! @dunitagan
05:56 So much went wrong here! @juanpe_vida
07:16 In Russia Boat tow you! @prokatkaterov
10:31 MEMES

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HCB Center Console smashes into Hollwood Jetty at Dania Beach

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Boat Fails of the Week | Going down with the ship 😬

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00:00 This was violent! @sarahd125 @lorenzmason
00:29 NAILED IT @a.rushing
00:33 Not even close! @prokatkaterov
00:52 This may have been the best outcome @aiden_mccamountain
00:58 We’re fine, everything is fine… @dunitagan
02:21 Bombs away! @bingham22
02:51 CHUM in the water! @ckessss
02:57 I’ll bring the floatie! @captain_jhodges
03:11 Makin’ it rain! @ivgalvan
03:18 Sinks…like a rock @reel_line_fishing_team
03:32 Castaway! @kristtttin @jaydopesauce
03:51 Lowrider! @luke.fricke1
04:03 HELP…I need somebody…HELP @bee_raad
04:33 We all have that one friend @patvog14
04:50 On the rocks @zoes_stef