Lion Family | The Rarest Burger in the World | Cartoon for Kids

Lion Family | Bedtime Stories For Kids
Which burger better?

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Crazy And Awkward Moments In The Magic World by Teen-Z


What if you had an EVIL TWIN? 😱 What if he would ruin your life!? But what if evil twin is YOU!? 😫 That would be a crazy twist, right? But what if you or your twin is not an evil twin, but a third twin is an evil twin? Okay, it’s getting confusing… 🤯

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Avocado in Funniest Fails and Pranks || 24/7 LIVE STREAM by Avocado Couple

Don’t miss the new 24/7 Live stream! 💥 Ava and Cado are saving the world! 🌎⚡ Here you will see a lot of funny and awkward moments that our superhero vegetables get into!😅 They accept any challenges! 💪 Hot vs cold! Water vs fire! 🔥 Everything that you love so much. 🥰

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CLAY WORLD vs MINECRAFT WORLD – Tiny’s Father And Son Are Scared | Gameplay Situation by Clay Mixer

CLAY WORLD vs MINECRAFT WORLD – Tiny’s Father And Son Are Scared | Gameplay Situation by Clay Mixer
Clay Mixer – YouTube:
Adult Cartoon:
Relax With Tiny:

About Clay Mixer:
💙 Have you ever seen animation characters interacting directly with REAL animals, objects and hands? Get to know Tiny and his clay friends through their hilarious daily situations such as their love life, pranks, etc.

✨ Clay Mixer is a claymation channel in which each animated piece, either character or background, is handmade and “deformable”.

🤩 Tiny – the leading character, is named after his small stature. He is a blue-skinned guy who has a playful, mischievous, and funny personality. In each episode, Tiny transforms into various persons with different lives and fates. No matter what the circumstances are, he always has unexpected and humorous solutions that truly entertain the audience.

🔥 In addition, other clay characters also own distinctive traits that contribute to the diversity of the Clay Mixer world: lovely Pinky, tricksy Alien, hot-tempered Chunky, coward Nerdy, and naughty Violet.

😊 The journeys of Tiny bring not only laughter but also meaningful lessons which take audiences from one surprise to another.

😊 7 days per week, Tiny appears again to tell the audience the stories.

►The contents are intended for the audience aged 13-30 years. We do recommend parental guidance for children aged under 13 years.

All episodes are made under the use of stop motion animation technique and owned by SCONNECT.
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Producer – Tung Nguyen
Director – Thuy Cao
Scriptwriter – Quynh Ha, Linh Le
Storyboard – Minh Cao
Prop & Character Design – Phuong Hoang, Anh Phuong, Linh Nguyen, Diep Ha, Vinh Tuong, Phuong Nguyen and Cuong Nguyen
Animator – Phong Le, Nhung Ho, Dung Pham and Dang Nguyen
Compositor – Anh Pham, Canh Nguyen, Quynh Le and Long Nguyen
System Developer – Ha Nguyen



Animated music video about JURASSIC WORLD mixed with Coronavirus.

In this hypothetical Jurassic World sequel, Dr Wu mixes Covid-19 with dinosaur DNA to create a singing hybrid far superior to Indoraptor & Indominus-Rex; Coronasaurus-Rex. It’s up to Claire and Owen Grady, with the help of their new friends Ian Malcom and Alan Grant, to rescue Blue and Rexy so they can fight the new hybrid abomination and save humanity.

►Animation, Lyrics, Song, & Vocals by Logan H-Clark (
►Vocals & Co-Produced by Whitney Di Stefano (


Verse 1
After the Lockwood fiasco, the dinos are free,
Roaming the States on an eating spree.
Trying to munch people at camping grounds,
Scaring folks to death in cities and towns.
As if things weren’t bad enough,
A deadly virus hit the world, now THAT is rough.
You can’t teach dinosaurs social distance rules,
We’ll have to catch & quarantine them with tranquilizer tools.

(Dr Wu)
Based on our tests there’s something interesting I’ve seen,
Dinosaurs are immune to Covid-19.
In Dino DNA lies the key to a vaccine,
Then mix the two to start a new hybrid scheme.
Though Indominus and Indoraptor miserably failed,
I think a dino-virus mixture would surely prevail.
The way to earn more profits when selling a vaccine,
Is setting free a beast that’s contagious and mean.

Here we go again,
They take my DNA.
To make a monster,
So mean and stronger.

Chorus (Coronasaurus)
Half dino, half virus,
Bred to wipe out any populace.
Stomp victims with my feet,
Or introduce them to my teeth.
Thin out the herd with Covid,
Eat all asymptomatic.
I am a menace,
Half dino, half virus.

Coronasaurus-Rex. (x2)

Verse 2
Blue and Rexy must be freed,
And don’t forget steal Dr Wu’s vaccine.
Mass-produce enough to heal mankind,
So we can finally leave this disaster behind.

But as long as that hybrid’s free,
The virus won’t cease its deadly spree.
Mutations can’t be stopped by a single injection,
We need help to stop that beast from spreading infections.

(Dr Grant)
Staying still won’t save you from being lunch,
But running can’t save you from its viral punch.
Masks don’t provide a sure-fire protection,
Only hazmat suits can prevent Covid infections.

Now that we’re sure that we can’t get sick and die,
Our dinosaur friends belt out their battle cries.
They’re immune to the illness, our best shot,
To halt Coronasaurus-Rex, make sure the chaos stops.

This better be the last time,
Fighting hybrids, I’m drawing the line.
Next time you monkeys screw up,
I’ll pack my bags, leave you all to die.

Chorus (Coronasaurus)
Half dino, half virus,
Bred to wipe out any populace.
Stomp victims with my feet,
Or introduce them to my teeth.
Thin out the herd with Covid,
Eat all asymptomatic.
I am a menace,
Half dino, half virus.

All this hybrid fighting’s too much for me,
You’d better pay for my holiday.
First class, all expenses paid,
If you expect me to brawl, make this hybrid pay.
Where’s my stimulus check? I ain’t seen a dime,
Leavin dinos to starve should be a crime.
Don’t judge me for hunting humans for food,
I’ll kill Coronasaurus for me, not you.

Coronasaurus-Rex. (x2)