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Hey boating fans! Due to some YouTube changes you’re going to (unfortunately for you and me) have to hear from us a little bit, I know you want to just sit back and enjoy the footage so we’ll keep the interruptions to a minimum! Some new types of videos were in the works already and we can’t wait to share them with you soon.

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Its Monday which means its time for Boat Fails of the Week!

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Check out this classic episode featuring an adventurous Russian boat rental company…

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00:00 Rental boat out of control at Lake Boca! @saltyseahunt
00:59 Sandcastle! @malochaps
01:10 The splinters…oof! @justmegdavy
01:23 New truck saves old truck @qualifiedokoboji
01:28 Man overboard!
02:01 Gangsta lean @drunk_boatworks
02:27 High and dry! @t_ems
02:32 Put your back into it! @cy-elizabeth kirk
02:42 Now that’s a fire! @finn_bylsma
02:46 Ran the tires off! @george_lutich_3 and @ryanlawlaw
02:58 Heads up! @klaver4
03:21 What’s going on here?? @landonyourface
03:36 Ouch! @bobyinmarseille
04:00 Teamwork makes the dream work! Sharla Hagedorn
08:29 MEMES

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