Most Beautiful Climbing Destination in the World!

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Matias ► @mrmatiasnc @Norway Live
Marte ► @marteknibe

Music and Sound Effects:
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– Loose Bolts
– Window Weepin’
– Country Gold
– Car Song
– West of the Seul
– Suddenly Deeply Interested
– Seabury Avenue
– Grifting in Vegas
– No Hooks
– The Mission
– Crate Digging
– You’ll Get It
– As Bad as They Come
– Keep Me Hanging On
– By the Trainyard
– Psychedelic Dirt
– Lemon Wedge in The Sky
– Hot Rod Rebels
– Deep Southern Dirt
– Stil Fly
– Nobody Has Many

Lofoten must be the most beautiful climbing destination in the world!

– Toyota
– Scarpa


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