Everybody Push! | Boat Fails of the Week

Its Monday which means its time for Boat Fails of the Week brought to you by Haulover Inlet!

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00:00 Took out their lunch! @boatingidiots
00:05 No Regrets @emma2collins
00:24 Gotta keep the prop shark @davidawilks
Check out his youtube!
01:21 Batten down the hatches…bad weather in Brazil @rrdaniel75
01:50 Rock the boat
01:59 Full send @jamieleehamilton
02:08 dRoP aNchOr @jacquelynsoles
02:18 Everybody push! @statusnautica
02:40 Amazing how they launch in S Africa @adam_waites @carmenvanderwagen15
03:35 Tornagaleones sinks in Chile while working on a bridge, all men on board survived the incident.
06:14 Memes
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