Boat Fails of the Week | Running over kayakers?

Its Monday which means its time for Boat Fails of the Week brought to you by Haulover Inlet!

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00:00 Need some lube! @natsack
00:19 Running over kayakers or making them some waves?
00:40 Smooth! @kamalgerardo
01:04 Like nails on a chalk board @woodygphoto
02:07 Cheap triples! @seasonal.allergy.pete
02:19 That first step is a doozy @party813will
02:32 Hit that juke stick @rene_alfandari
02:39 hittin them switches @cobysullenger
02:45 2000 mosquitoes just checked into the chat @southboundinshore
02:57 Play stupid games…. @dean_digs_
03:15 High and dry! @akerlek27
03:20 Living dangerously

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Seven Marine Outboards to be discontinued by Volvo Penta

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