Boat Fails of the Week | Labor Day Special Extended Edition

Its Monday which means its time for Boat Fails of the Week brought to you by Haulover Inlet! This week we’ve got an extended edition, it was a BUSY Labor Day weekend on the water!

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00:00 Ghost ride the whip @@ma_candamo_
00:18 That scream! @joseph_street
00:34 Don’t worry the tide will come back by sunset @cole.milliken
00:42 Ships wake on the Parana River @cirogaribaldi @woodoffice
01:40 Dad, the wifi went out!? @lampkinmarine
02:11 Zigged when he should have zagged @captain_tylerr
02:23 The Haulover spin cycle! @Haulover Daily
02:51 Close call! @markgirardeau
03:05 He’ll be ok, that’s one sweet boat @djskitty
03:17 Hanging around the boat ramp! @troylips
03:24 Expensive mistake! @maxchicity
03:37 Another bridge clearance issue?! @realmichaelbowden
04:07 All fun and games until… @austin_schroeder
04:16 Safety chains aren’t saving this situation @prokatkaterov
06:06 Towing on the rails?! @prokatkaterov
06:45 Legend has it they’re still out there @mkroeger1
07:43 Another expensive wake boat down

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