Boat Fails of the Week | Going down with the ship 😬

Its Monday which means its time for Boat Fails of the Week brought to you by Haulover Inlet!

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00:00 This was violent! @sarahd125 @lorenzmason
00:29 NAILED IT @a.rushing
00:33 Not even close! @prokatkaterov
00:52 This may have been the best outcome @aiden_mccamountain
00:58 We’re fine, everything is fine… @dunitagan
02:21 Bombs away! @bingham22
02:51 CHUM in the water! @ckessss
02:57 I’ll bring the floatie! @captain_jhodges
03:11 Makin’ it rain! @ivgalvan
03:18 Sinks…like a rock @reel_line_fishing_team
03:32 Castaway! @kristtttin @jaydopesauce
03:51 Lowrider! @luke.fricke1
04:03 HELP…I need somebody…HELP @bee_raad
04:33 We all have that one friend @patvog14
04:50 On the rocks @zoes_stef

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