🎧 Best Of Epic Music β€’ Livestream 24/7 | WELCOME TO EPIC MUSIC WORLD

🎧 Best Of Epic Music β€’ Livestream 24/7 | WELCOME TO EPIC MUSIC WORLD
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#EMVNLive Best Of Epic Music Livestream 24/7. Music for relaxing, studying, working, workout. The best epic music, epic cinematic, epic battle music, powerful music.

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Amazing thumbnail artwork by Philipp A. Urlich:

24/7 Live stream
1 What’s the name of the currently played track? Track name is showing on the top left corner of the screen.
2 We have 7 playlists, each includes 24-hour of Best Epic Music of all of time, all playlists are updated weekly.
3 How long will this be online? As long as our PC doesn’t crash or blackout or no internet problem.
4 What is this music genre? Main genre: Epic Music, Trailer Music, Orchestral, Instrumental, Celtic… Music for work, study, workout…etc. Sometimes you can find other genres such as Ambient, Chillout, Rock, Dubstep

Live Stream Chat Terms of Service: https://emvnlive.com/Terms-of-Service.html
Live Stream Chat Request Show Policy: https://emvnlive.com/Request-Show-Policy.html

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